Brown’s Gas oxyhydrogen has advantages over other fuels used as the primary fuel in incinerators:

  1. Causes all the potential energy to be released from biomass and petrochemical fuels.
  2. Improves primary fuel efficiency.
  3. Reduces primary fuel costs.
  4. Neutralization of toxic and hazardous emissions.
  5. Eradication of smoke and ash.
  6. Brown’s Gas works with biomass, syngas, oil, coal, natural gas, propane, LPG & CNG primary fuels.
  7. Scalable to any production scale.


Brown’s Gas oxyhydrogen combustion support applications use the high-energy and catalytic properties of oxyhydrogen to cause the complete combustion of fuels which results in lower fuel volumes needed and lower emissions.

Gas fenerator for vehicles

Brown’s Gas in Industry

The vast majority of industrial heat processes in the world are still done using combustion.  Industrial heating hardware includes furnaces, mainly industrial boilers, industrial stoves, chemical heat treatments, drying processing, municipal central heating boilers, and so on.

The three key challenges of industrial heating furnace management are:

  1. to raise the combustion level,
  2. to improve the heat exchanging rate, and
  3. to lower the system operation and maintenance costs.


The industrial furnace operation has a large fuel consumption cost.  Boilers waste a lot of fuel due to low fuel efficiency, and the combined inefficiencies of processing, transformation, transportation, and terminal use for fuels show only 31%-32% efficiency in developing countries, which is 10% lower than the international advanced level.

Brown’s Gas combustion support technology is highly efficient to satisfy the challenges of boiler management.

Brown’s Gas in medical, industrial, and household wastes incinerators

Apart from processing municipal garbage, incineration is more broadly used for efficient heat recovery, decontamination, and recycling purposes  Waste incineration has brought lots of problems. Secondary pollution (especially dioxin ) has Increasingly become a prominent problem in the world. Dioxin is a first-class toxicant, it has a toxicity of 1000 times higher than potassium cyanide (KCN). Dioxin is “the most toxic poison on the earth”.   Accordingly, the ”Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants” has set out to control dioxin emissions, and most countries are signatories.

Brown’s Gas is effective in burning dangerous wastes and garbage.  Brown’s Gas will not only improve furnace combustion efficiency and lower the soot and CO emissions but also inhibit the dioxin generation.

Brown’s Gas and clean coal combustion technology

The oxyhydrogen generator makes an enormous contribution as auxiliary equipment in thermal power stations.

The oxyhydrogen catalytic combustion technology is not only a complement and improvement to the Clean Coal Technology (CCT), but it also establishes a new technical route.

The oxyhydrogen catalytic combustion technology used in the clean coal power industry can improve the coal-fuel output coefficient and save energy and reduce operating costs. This retrofit to thermal power stations can be done rapidly  Experiment show that adding appropriate oxyhydrogen to the air intake of the coal-fired power plant’s furnace can reduce carbon oxides (NOx) emission from 300mg/m³ to 100mg/m³ or below, which brings huge environmental, social and economic benefits.

Brown’s Gas changes the profile of any fuel during combustion.

HHO Generator combustion

Brown’s Gas®

Brown’s Gas saves fuel and reduces emissions.
Our company is the original Australian Brown’s Gas company and we are ensuring the government & private sectors have the right machines, technology options, and business models to deliver secure and reliable renewable energy to society. We share knowledge openly to help government & industry achieve the optimum clean energy technology of Brown’s Gas and thereby energy transition effectiveness.

Brown’s Gas Generators

Our advanced technology electrolyzer is robustly constructed stainless steel industrial strength grade machines. The generators produce a stable and continuous oxyhydrogen gas from water which releases our zero carbon and zero pollution high-energy gas.  Brown’s Gas is the only combustible fuel in the world that does not take oxygen from Earth’s atmosphere to burn and is mankind’s crowning glory in his quest for clean and green energy.

About Brown’s Gas in contrast to all other fuels including hydrogen,

  • Brown’s Gas does not use oxygen from the atmosphere to combust.
  • Brown’s Gas is the only truly clean source of combustion in the world.
  • Brown’s Gas completes the renewables line up Solar – Wind – Watergas.
  • Brown’s Gas is an Australian invention that creates a clean and combustible gas from water.
  • The Brown’s Gas Fuel Booster converts the hydrogen and oxygen in the water to a unique gas.
  • Brown’s Gas raw material is rich in oxygen (33.3%) and hydrogen (66.6%).
  • Brown’s Gasworks is a super-rich form of air in combustion processes.
  • Brown’s Gas unleashes all the power in diesel fuel causing it to burn completely.
  • Brown’s Gas implodes and destroys the emissions from burning fuels.
  • Brown’s Gas is completely safe and non-explosive.


Combustion Support

Simple, safe, low cost, and wide application.

Without air as the catalyst, combustion of any fuel is not possible.  At sea level, Earth’s atmosphere contains approximately 20% of the primary catalyst oxygen.  Oxygen is a vital ingredient for all combustion processes.  Fuel sellers focus their attention on the untruth that all heat from combustion is caused by their fuel.  This is an all too common misconception.

Our viewpoint is to focus attention on the oxygen content of combustion processes.  We also focus attention on the water as the source of the highly flammable combustion catalyst Oxyhydrogen gas.  Elementally water is comprised of one-third pure oxygen and two-thirds pure hydrogen.  When this Oxyhydrogen gas produced from elemental water is added to the air a richer catalyst for combustion exists.

Generally, biomass combustion can be improved in the range of up to 30%, coal 15%, oil 15%, and gases 10%.  The existing hardware and operational management of the hardware determine the results.

In addition to economically cutting fuel costs, Brown’s Gas combustion support applications have the following characteristics:

  • Brown’s Gas is generated from water
  • Brown’s Gas is a unique and superior gaseous catalyst
  • Brown’s Gas is 100% clean and highly efficient
    1. Emits no secondary pollution
    2. Suppresses the generation of dioxins
    3. Reduces CO2 & NOx emission significantly
    4. Suppresses ash & soot
    5. Destroys particulate matter
    6. Destroys smoke

The steps for installing Brown’s Gas with a boiler, incinerator, furnace, or gasifier:

  • Buy a Brown’s Gas generator of a size appropriate to the existing hardware.
  • Mixing & adding a potassium hydroxide electrolyte to the machine.
  • Connecting the machine to a power source.
  • Inserting the gas output hose in the air blower for the hardware.


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