Cut Oxy-Acetylene & Oxygen Costs

Why re-think Acetylene use?

  • Acetylene can be hard, and expensive, to obtain.
  • Cylinder Rental for Acetylene Cylinders has shot up in price.
  • Acetylene often rings alarm bells with Health & Safety-conscious officials because of its combustibility and unstable nature.
  • Acetylene is a hydrocarbon.

The welding process when using oxy-acetylene gives off harmful fumes and lowers the lifespan of workers exposed to its emissions so welding should always happen in a well-ventilated area. If this is not possible, appropriate fume extraction should be implemented or respiratory protection should be worn.

Brown’s Gas burns 100% clean and does not generate smoke when used in welding.

A Brown’s Gas welder generally costs less than 50% off using oxy-acetylene in industrial settings.

Brown’s Gas HHO has several advantages in welding operations:
1.The system eliminates the usage of conventional gas cylinders and the possibility of explosion.
2.The flame is environmentally friendly. The combustion of Hydrogen and Oxygen produces only water vapor, without any CO2 emission, resulting in a better working environment for the operators.
3.There is several safety protection devices built-in, it is safer.
4.No toxic fumes from the flame.

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