Brown’s Gas HHO Onboard Fuel Saver

Revolutionary & unique small scale Brown’s Gas generator kit to convert heavy vehicles to hybrids lowering diesel consumption up to 30%

The Brown’s Gas Power Device is a miniature oxy-hydrogen generator. This vehicle-mounted device uses the high-energy and catalytic properties of Brown’s Gas. When the engine is running hydrogen and oxygen gas is added to the combustion chamber through the normal air intake hose to assist fuel combustion. The performance of the engine is improved, the fuel is fully burned, fuel consumption is significantly reduced, the throttle response speed is increased, exhaust emissions are reduced, and the service life of the engine is greatly extended. This power Device is the only direct current (DC) oxy-hydrogen generator available in world markets. This product is patented.

About Brown’s Gas

In distinction to all other fuels including hydrogen, Brown’s Gas does not use oxygen from the atmosphere to combust.

Brown’s Gas is the only truly clean source of combustion in the world.
Brown’s Gas completes the renewables line up Solar – Wind -Watergas.

Brown’s Gas is an Australian invention that creates a clean and combustible gas from water.
 The Brown’s Gas Fuel Booster converts the hydrogen and oxygen in the water to a unique gas.
 Brown’s Gas raw material is rich in oxygen (33.3%) and hydrogen (66.6%).
 Brown’s Gas works as a super-rich form of air in combustion processes.
 Brown’s Gas unleashes all the power in diesel fuel causing it to burn completely.
 Brown’s Gas implodes and destroys the emissions from burning fuels.
 The Fuel Booster device is designed to work universally with engines from 1.0 to 15 liters.
 Brown’s Gas is completely safe and non-explosive.

Product Benefits

 Generates Brown’s Gas plasma inside the engine to fully burn fuels.
 Cleans engine parts and fuel supply nozzles.
 Produces a zero-carbon exhaust by-product of water molecules vapor.
 Fuel savings in the range up to and exceeding 20%, and 30% for older engines.
 Average 20% increase in engine torque.
 Reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30%.
 Removes engine carbon deposits.
 Reduces ignition delay.
 Shortens the combustion time.
 Reduces heat loss.
 Maintains the ideal constant volume combustion.
 Improves the compression ratio and thermal efficiency.
 Reduces the temperature of the engine.
 Reduces engine jitter and noise.
 Extends engine life.

Appropriate onboard vehicle-mounted fuel saver products are available online in our shop for your convenience.


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